Šumava National Park is the largest national park in the Czech Republic. You can find here virgin nature because the park was strictly patrolled during the rule of Communist party before 1989. Since 1990 it has been a protected biosphere reserve of UNESCO.

In summer, you can benefit from a vast number of paths, hiking treks and many cultural and natural places of interest, e.g. glacial lakes Čertovo (Devil’s lake) and Černé (Black lake), tower atop mountain Špičák and Pancíř, castle Kašperk and castle Velhartice.

For more tips visit Šumava National Park website.

In winter you can find many trails for cross country skiing here in Šumava or in German Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, and also many ski resorts, e.g. Großer Arber which hosts Women’s Championship, Špičák. Follow the link to see the entire list of skiing facilities.